The Shark in Your Water - Vinyl (PREORDER)

$30.00 USD
  • The Shark in Your Water - Vinyl (PREORDER)

Flower Face's 2022 LP, The Shark in Your Water, on dark blue vinyl.

There is a major backup with vinyl plants, which ultimately impacts ship dates. Unfortunately we cannot provide a concrete delivery date at this time, but hope to have the vinyl in your hands as soon as possible. Myself and my team will be in touch with regular updates. Thanks so much for your patience.

“The Shark In Your Water is an exploration of the self and how that is impacted and transformed by trauma, grief, love, heartbreak and the struggle of identity.”
Produced by Ruby Mckinnon, Josh Kaiser, Jay Merrow, and Alex Bonenfant at Toronto’s Dreamhouse Studios, The Shark in Your Water marks the next phase in Flower Face’s stratospheric musical trajectory.


1. Spiracle
2. Cornflower Blue
3. Maybe
4. Sugar Water
5. Isobel
6. Paper Doll
7. Back to You
8. October Birds
9. Pisces Moon
10. Bad Astrology